ACM PS3-1000


PS IMPACT consists of two satellites and a subwoofer equipped with a power amp and all the electronics required to drive the bass bin and satellite.The electronic circuitry protects it from overloads and makes this system very easy to operate.

An ACM AUDIO active system is so much more than merely a pair of active cabinets on tripods; it is an end-to-end sound-reinforcement solution consisting of subwoofer, satellites and meticulously matched circuitry.

two satellites and a subwoofer



Frequency response+/- 3dB 40 Hz - 80-200Hz
Axial sensitivity 1W@lm 99dB
Maximum SPL @lm 130dB
Subwoofer amplifie lx 600 W RMS / Class AB
Sat & Mid/High Unit amp 200 W RMS / Class AB
Connections 2x XLR in, 2x lack MIC IN 2xXLR OUT, 2x Speokon® Satellite out
Subwoofer lx 15”
Operating Temperature Range -10° C to 550 C(14° F to 13° F)
Height 21.4in/545mm
Width 17.7in/450mm
Depth 25in/635mm
Weight 106. 71b/48.5kg


Power-handling nominal 150 W RMS (80 Hz/125Hz, low cut)
Freq. Response +1- 3dB 80 Hz/125 Hz-20 kHz
Axial sensitivity 1W@lm 95dB
Maximum SPL @lm 120dB
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Midrange woofer lx 8
Tweeter Driver 1”
Directivity 9Q0 x60°
Connections lx Speakon ® NL 4
Height 16.5in/420mm
Width 10.4in/265mm
Depth 9.4in/240mm
Weight 211b/9.5kg