LA 500SE

LA 500SE is a compact, active subwoofer system. Through the use of proprietary amplifier technology, precision manufactured woofer technology and the innovative implementation of a high efficiency chamber design, LA 500SE deliver tight, fast, controlled bass response.

Optional balanced and unbalanced signal input, Adjustable 80 to 200 Hz low pass filter. OFF/80Hz/125Hz high pass filter, phase reverted switch available, Built-in power limit protection ciruit.

Technical Specifications

Freq. Range (-10dB):  45Hz~220Hz 
Max Calculated SPL (1m):  126dB 
Rec. Hi pass Frequency:  20Hz 
Amplifier Power:  600W 
Dispersion (HXV):  All direction 
LF Transducer:  15”/100mm 
Crossover Frequency:  80~120Hz Adjustable 
Connector:  RCA/XLR, Batanced 
Input Impedance (balanced/unbalance):  20K ohm/47K ohm 
AC Current 50/60Hz:  110/220V, 50/60Hz 
Dim (W×H×D)  450×545×635mm 
Net Weight:  45Kg 
Shipping Weight:  48Kg 


ACM LA 500SE Dimensions