About ACM Audio

It all started with a sound man, and a good plan. ACM is a professional audio company. The company was conceived by a group of professional audio enthusiasts and engineers with the specific aim of finding and building better pro audio solutions.

How good, not how cheap ACM is not a "Me too" company based on copying or imitating successful brands. The engineers at ACM have a background almost exclusively in pro audio and this pedigree of experience is demonstrated by any close inspection of ACM's products. From the beginning, the fundamental standard was measured by "how good" as opposed to "how cheap". This emphasis on standards rather than "churn it out production", has led through the years to a repository of intellectual property unequalled within this market segment.

The outcome today is high quality at a very competitive price.

The difference in a competitive market starts with intellectual property and ends with a better more cost effective product.The difference in the finished product is pretty obvious once you start measuring the reliable service history of ACM products. ACM's manufacturing expertise is behind the improving competitive edge of many growing Western brands.